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EPISODE 12: The Rakan Arc begins with the return of Nephis Uym, a young Femarctic male with powerful psychokinetic ability, who leads his Mana-Men on a mission to acquire the Prime of Kuril Base. [First-Draft Manuscript – Edits needed].

EPISODE 13: Komadon Fuzo Dox  travels between the poles to save Tavo Ex, while her rival, Dokomad Styba Balru, shadows her on a mission to terminate Ex. [First-Draft Manuscript – Edits needed].

EPISODE 14: Forced from recovery by Laxum Jyr’s loyal bodyguards, Promad Sofita Kul sets off to confront Nephis Uym, but first, she must contend with the warring Dox and Balru. [First-Draft Manuscript – Edits needed].