Tactical Pursuits

EPISODE 4: The Empress of the Slavic Empire is dead, and her loyal Boris Kotko hatches a scheme to end the Slavs reliance on Ramaxia. Elsewhere on Uralskey Island, Zaxir Ilo Cux must contend with her cantankerous Bizak bond, and the arrival of Sofita Kul. [First Draft Manuscript Only]

EPISODE 5: Citizenry Representative Eppis Banto reactivates the Tenth-Gen’s greatest weapon against the Ninth, broadcast journalist, Koba Julo. Meanwhile, in Uralskey, Sofita gets a hostile reception from Velto Wram. [First Draft Manuscript Only]

EPISODE 6: At missions end, Sofita discovers a horrifying secret that exacts a tragic toll. In Ramaxia, Eppis enlists Koba Julo but must contend with the dead Fusada’s choice to replace her, Bam Yuxi. [First Draft Manuscript Only]