Tribal Warfare

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EPISODE 9: Komad Kul is dispatched to terminate the hybrid ‘Utahraptor Sil’, an insane vagabond roaming the wastelands of the North American Union. To locate him Kul visits Sil’s father, Caro Cristi, a full blooded Femarctic male hiding as a human. [First-Draft Manuscript – Edits needed].

EPISODE 10: Dokomad Dox joins a group of investigative journalists roaming the Badlands for a story on Utahraptor Sil. In Ramaxia, Obiz informs kerma Eppis of her new Cloister position with Velto Wram. [First-Draft Manuscript – Edits needed].

EPISODE 11: At mission’s end Dox discovers a full-blooded male while a prisoner of Utahraptor Sil’s blood cult and Kul again crosses paths with Adam Pierce. [First-Draft Manuscript – Edits needed].